Training on Project Cycle Management for Civil Society Organizations in the Field of Environment held in Belgrade

May 4, 2018

In the hotel N in Belgade, on April 26 and 27, a training on project management for civil society organizations was held. Twenty-seven representatives of civil society organizations committed to improvement and environmental protection, coming from all parts of Serbia, participated in the training. During this training, participants acquired the knowledge and skills that can be applied in both of the processes of project writing and project management.

The training included a number of interactive workshops while the participants were learning from theoretical lectures, but also through practical examples. This way, they gained knowledge about the basics of project management. In their future work, participant shall be able to apply acquired knowledge and skills in practice, as well, which will enable them to provide funding for implementation of activities of the organization and tackling environmental problems.

The training was organized on the basis of the European Commission methodology and logic framework matrix as an instrument for project planning and implementation. With the trainer participants had been working on a problem analysis, project proposal designing and monitoring and evaluation, as parts of the project cycle. Furthermore, they had also worked on the preparation of the project budget, which included budgeting and financial reporting. The last session was dedicated to the implementation of the project and the preparation of project implementation reports.

In the next round of training for representatives of civil society organizations, it is planned to continue to work on the financial sustainability of civil society organizations as an important segment of their organizational development