Training on Financial Viability for Civil Society Organizations in the Field of Environment held in Belgrade

June 15, 2018

Support to civil society organizations that REC provides under the CSOnnect programme is not limited to only 64 organizations supported through direct institutional grants. In order to strengthen the civil society in Serbia, within CSOnnect programme there was a two-day training on financial viability of civil society organizations active in the field of environment held in Belgrade.

Training was attended by 26 participants from all over Serbia - predominantly those not supported through institutional grants, but it also included representatives of organizations supported through the CSOnnect project, which allowed exchange of experiences among participants.

With the trainer Mladen Jovanovic, the participants have started the training by understanding the key terms regarding the financial perspective of civil society organizations. On the first working day, the participants presented the mission and sustainability of the organizations they come from. Furthermore, they were working on the organization's costs as part of the strategic plan, when they produced an overview of the organization's revenues, possible sources of funding, and discussed the importance of diversified sources. One of the most important points was the importance of creating an organization's revenue plan, and the conditions for success in generating revenue from new sources.

The second working day began with the question - "how to send a message that is well formulated and effective at the same time?" Through a dynamic discussion, it was concluded that the search for answers to this question should begin with thinking about the needs of citizens, as civil society organizations achieve their mission with the goal of improving living conditions of citizens.